PLKN story

     today is February 3rd. I arrived on the first day of the month. two days I ignored this laptop. I was busy arranging the garments and whatsoever in my gigantic bag and in my cupboard. still I feel like dreaming to be home. by the way I'd like to wish all Chinese worldwide a Happy Chinese New Year.
     I'm very pleased to tell u about my life as a NS trainee. even though it has just been a month but I've picked up a lot of invaluable knowledge. the knowledge that's less taught in school which is more on character building mainly self-confidence. now to make it briefer and clearer as well as less confusing and easier to understand I'll tell u in note form instead.

my identity :
name : Nadzirah binti Abdul Rahman
nickname : Nad
dorm : 5P
company : Charlie
classes : CB3, BK3 and KN3
PLKN : Group 1, Series 8/2011, Kem Latihan Cheneh Cemerlang, Kemaman

these are the epaulettes

this is me wearing them

general :
- we, NS trainees, call each other by using our nicknames.
- the trainers address male trainees as Wira and female trainees as Wirawati.
- there are seven dorms for both Wiras and Wirawatis (1L-7L and 1P-7P).
- there are four major groups called companies (Alpha Company, Bravo Company, Charlie Company and Delta Company).
- there are six classes for Character Building (CB1-CB6). in CB two modules are learned and then we proceeded to the third module named Budaya Kerja or Working Culture (BK1-BK6).
- there are fifteen classes for Kenegaraan or Civilization (KN1-KN15).
- we eat six times a day and I think this is crazy.
- we wake up at 5 in the morning and take a shower with the ice cold water and I think this is super crazy.

personal :
- initially I was selected by the dorm members to hold the post as the Dorm Head but it was then. a Wira/Wirawati is not allowed to hold more than one position at a time.
- then I was elected by the company members to hold the post as the Head of Charlie Company for Wirawati. for your info this is my first time being a leader for such a huge organisation. I must wear epaulettes on both shoulders when wearing class and celoreng garments.
- I was relieved for not being the Dorm Head. the responsibility is too overwhelming but I was wrong. day after day I realized that the responsibility as the Head of Company is fairly more difficult.
- all dorm 5P members are under Charlie Company and the rest comes from 3P and 6P.

*some photos missing*

     they are my strength. thanks guys for willing to cooperate with your defenseless leader. although some of u are deadly stubborn.