Matriculation ends

*some photos missing*

     Alhamdulillah. you must think that I'm crazy for posting this picture of embarrassment. well I don't care whether my results are excellent or not. I'll still put them in here so that I can remember and realize my potential and reputation at all time.
     call me lazy, call me anything that's related to it. because it's true. but don't ever call me stupid. because, hell yeah, I know I'm not. I'm just a little bit stubborn. and there's a fine line between stupid and stubborn.
     so what can I say about my achievement? personally I think I did good. better than last semester's result. and if you can see there's an increase in pointer. that's 0.17. not much but at least it's worth staying up all night. of course the frantic, ineffective, last-minute studying.
     and how can I be so in peace when my pointer is totally not convincing me to further studies in any of my dream courses? I take a stance, "pointer hanya di atas kertas, rezeki Allah kita tak tahu. yang penting kita usaha cari."
     I never dreamed about getting all straight A's in the final or in any big tests. the only thing that I wished for is that I pass. and that's why I am where I am today.

p/s : I do afraid of istidraj.