sem III

*some photos missing*

     am I too late to wish myself and my dear colleagues a "welcome back to KMPh"? well I hope not. I know it has been three weeks since the tiring registration day but.. okay let's be clear. I always had a chance to post this but I kept postponing it because I want some photos to go with it. and in this case, the timetable. can u see my greatest masterpiece above? I hope it's way better than the previous semesters' timetables.
     by the way not much I wanna share here. and by saying "I feel so different in this semester" is good enough to picture what I currently feel about myself, everyone and everything around me. I must admit that my past memories with my Matriculation-graduated friends, especially my roommates, here are killing me. it hurts a lot. now that I'm still here walking on the same path that we used to take everyday. but this time with different people. I mean how strong can I face it? I wish that this pain won't take any longer to disappear. everything I do reminds me of them. but after days and weeks passed I believe I'll grow stronger. and that's because I'm a senior. I'll leave this college either.