things went fast. it was short but memorable. on last Thursday evening all former NS trainees in my college were collected for a simple meeting. firstly it was about co-curriculum mark. and secondly it was an offer to join the NS Volunteer Brigade or BSKN Launching Ceremony in Chini. after the briefing about 40 of us decided to join while the rest decided to stay.
     on Friday we were asked to wait for the bus at 4.30pm near the drill field. but we ended up being fetched at 6.50pm because the bus was from Terengganu and the driver didn't had any clue about the way to our college. the bus was T-CC2 means from Cheneh Cemerlang - my NS camp!
     we arrived at 7.00pm at Kem PLKN Gambang and stayed a night there with the current trainees. it was fun and yes I felt touched looking at them undergoing their life as NS trainees. reminiscing me mercilessly about camp and friends when I used to be one of them.
     the next morning we woke up at 5.00am. surprisingly I woke up on my own and without anyone or anything's help. then we departed at about 6.50am. took almost an hour to reach the venue. there were so many people. mostly are current NS trainees from camps around Pahang and former trainees from IPTs around Pahang. the event ended at 1.00pm and again we had to wait for the same bus to take us back to college.

*some photos missing*