introduction to KMPh

     firstly I'd like to apologize. I ran out of time to post "Matric preparation III" which should be about my final preparation before I reported to KMPh. well not much. just shopped and packed everything that was necessary. but still not enough. and that's why I came back home. I'm grateful to be issued to a place that's very near to my house. Kuantan to Gambang takes approximately 20 minutes.
     I can say that it was the craziest orientation week I've ever went through so far. tak pernah lagi rasanya tahan mengantuk tahap kronik. just imagine. we had to wake up at paling lewat pun 4.00am. bathroom issue. then berkumpul at 5.00am. lambat denda. for those yang tak uzur ke surau. surau dia besar gila macam masjid. for those yang ehem-ehem terus ke dewan kuliah dengar tazkirah. as for me the whole week pergi dewan kuliah. kalau best sanggup tahan mata. kalau kurang manfaatkan masa dengan sebaiknya untuk produce tahi mata. tett. habis. breakfast. awkward gila. before this, in camp for instance, just ambil tray - beratur - ambil makanan - duduk - ngap. now ambil pinggan  - beratur - ambil je apa nak - beratur lagi - bayar - duduk - ngap. perut kenyang badan bulat. habis. then adalah aktiviti-aktiviti dia such as taklimat, ceramah and etc until 12.30pm. aku yang dulu putih mengalahkan mat salleh kena albino pun boleh hitam kena masak tengah panas. rest until 2.30pm. kerja aku merayap jelah with my ehem-ehemic friend sekitar area kolej tu. compound dia luas yang amat. boleh sesat anytime je. orang obesiti pun silap-silap haribulan boleh masuk Next Top Model. then sambung aktiviti blablabla. 5.00pm stop for riadah. err. riadahlah sangat. aku tak pernah tahu pun kena jemur tengah panas tu dianggap sebagai riadah. then 6.00pm (sometimes 6.30pm) get ready for Maghrib. macam tadilah. either surau or dewan kuliah. habis. pergi main hall for blablabla. habis. roll-call. 11.30pm light off.
     personally I was quite unsure of myself. boleh ke aku buat ni? boleh ke aku buat tu? boleh ke aku survive hidup kat sini? and macam-macam lagilah persoalan yang membuat aku keluh-kesah, resah-gelisah dan gundah-gulana. but after several talks, speeches and forums involving successful former students kat situ, aku rasa tak sabar nak start class and rasa tamak nak berjaya. err. tak salah kan? I do believe this, "berbekalkan doa dan restu ibu bapa, harapan dan impian yang tinggi, azam dan usaha yang berterusan, semua ini pasti akan mendapat keberkatan dan kerahmatan-Nya, Allah Yang Maha Esa." insya-Allah, kejayaan itu akan dikurniakan kepada kita. amin.
     so what now? I'll be going back to college on Sunday before 6.00pm. make a list, buy everything that's in the list, throw away the list. done.

Matric preparation II

     yesterday again with my father I went to BSN to settle the college fee. surprisingly located less than a kilometre from my house. saw a future collegemate there. I knew it when I accidentally listened to his mother and the officer conversation. I heard something like "Matrik Pahang". it's okay if I misheard. it won't bother me at all.
     happy that the payment slip's in hand. we rushed to Bank Islam for the ATM card. not many people this time. guess I'm the only one who're doing the last-minute preparation.
     post office was our semifinal destination. bought two revenue stamps. each costs RM10. wonder what makes it so unreasonable. luckily I was quite wealthy. just paid anything necessary without grumbling too much.
     lastly to Double A Stationary Shop. made several copies of the offer letter, agreement letter and the payment slip. job's done. wait for another chapter of hectic. coming soon.

Matric preparation

     yesterday I spent most of my time with my father. not for some lovely father and daughter things like shopping and all that but to settle my Matriculation stuff. first we went to Pahang State Foundation to claim for RM500. I never knew that Pahang Government would be kind and generous enough to give away such vast sums of money to SPM leavers who got a place in IPTA. before I got the cash I first needed to complete a form. I only presented the offer letter without any other documents. so we left without the money.
     then we headed to Bank Islam. it was crowded with people and some of them had just the same idea like me. wanted to create an account. among many other Matriculation colleges only KMPh requires its students to have a Bank Islam account and I'm not sure why. perhaps only Bank Islam is available in Gambang. anyway the bank does have a lot to offer. we're able to check our current balance, pay numerous kinds of bill and top-up directly from our mobile phones. but only one thing isn't settled yet at the bank. the ATM card. the bank authority couldn't produce any ATM card because they're currently offline. so we need to come back later.
     after several hours at home collecting documents that needed to be copied plus had lunch and etc we went to a photo shop in MARA Building to copy documents and make my passport photo to be attached to the previous form mentioned.
     next we went to Pahang Federal Building where my father used to work. there we met my father's friend who works as a doctor as well as the Chief Assistant Director. he was asked to be the witness. while my father helped him with the papers he gave me some piece of mind. knowing that I'm taking Science course. acknowledging that my sister's studying abroad in medics. I just nodded and said "insya-Allah" repetitively.
     lastly we got back to the Foundation. filled another form. before the envelope in which the cash was in met its owner, the officer asked with a smile, "dapat Matrik je ke dik?". I just smiled. "rasanya kalau dapat lain (universiti) tak pergi dah Matrik ni kan?". why? what's wrong about studying in Matric? firstly she made me a bit confused. then she got me misunderstood. and I decided to care less.
     now I got the money. and it'll be used to pay the fee. totally relieved.