first year ends

*some photos missing*

     Alhamdulillah. this is the best I could do. and this is the least I could give to my parents. I hope I'm not disappointing them. and I hope I'm not letting them down. can't u see clearly? I've learnt so much from my past. I managed to make it higher. and that's a big achievement for myself though some people don't think the same. I've performed well than before. burning the midnight oil really pays off.
     by the way my parents took me out for dinner to celebrate my small improvement. it's good to be the last child of the family.

break II

     I'm back and I'm still alive. not yet dead, not yet married. as u all know this is the first time I'm typing a post for your guys reading pleasure after I finished the second semester in KMPh. now I still have two more semesters to go which also means that I'm gonna be a senior. if I'm lucky I'll get good results in the final examination and can proceed to the third semester. otherwise the college itself will kick me out. now let's just pray that will not happen okay?
     it has been 15 days since the day I left that college. how I hate farewell buddy. but luckily it wasn't as hard as during the NS farewell. those two are different in so many ways and they play great roles in affecting my emotion. perhaps I was stronger that day. but still the hardest part was when I realized that I've to separate from my roommates like forever. u guys know how it feels right? how we have spent the good times together. played with teddy bears like those who are mentally-ill, played various types of sport available at Astaka all in one evening, had Maggie as dinner during study week, talked about all the topics that we could find interesting, discussed about the hot, current issues happening in our college, got ourselves involved in some volunteering activities, and yes we shared everything possible. the secret of having a wonderful relationship with your roommates is RESPECT. and please DON'T BE CALCULATIVE.

*some photos missing*

     staying at home really taught me to be patient. I've to deal with the boredom that keeps haunting me now. life's weird. back in the college I felt like screaming my lungs out, "I wanna go home!!" but now I feel like going back there. it's true. nothing is real until it's gone. we only appreciate something after it disappears. and that's me. regretting is pointless u see?

p/s : appreciate what u have now before it's too late.