July 15th, Sunday :

     my brother's birthday. it was a celebration for two since my birthday fell on Tuesday. at night we family had steamboat. thanks to the birthday guy.

*some photos missing*

July 17th, Tuesday :

     my 19th birthday. honestly I didn't wish for anything on my birthday this year. thinking that I'm grown up now. no need for a fancy birthday celebration and all that. but..
     adalah kan seorang makhluk Allah berpangkat junior ni. memang nak kena. dia dengan roommates dia arranged surprise party untuk aku. walaubagaimanapun usaha mereka tidak berjalan dengan begitu lancar kerana mereka telah menggunakan taktik serangan yang sudah sering digunapakai oleh masyarakat Malaysia sejagat yang berjeragat pada masa kini dan taktik itu sekaligus telah berjaya dihidu oleh mangsa (yakni aku) walaupun tak pasti. well adik. good try. mwahaha.
     sampai bilik tengok-tengok ada beberapa bungkusan atas meja dan sepotong kek yang masih elok di dalam bekasnya. aww.. my roommates made me touched. but boo. pretended to sleep-lah konon? yang lagi seorang dan-dan je bergayut dengan gewe. yang lagi seorang tu awal-awal dah jadi backup. mwahaha. macam-macam. but it was fun after all. I had a good time indeed. thanks to them.

*some photos missing*

     that was for the midnight story. the next day I got these.

*some photos missing*

     tak larat dah wehh. memanglah aku lahir untuk makan je kan? so I guess that's all for now. thank u sommmuch for those who remembered, wished, and celebrated my birthday. not forgetting those who attributed in gaining my weight as well. adios.

p/s : really disagree with the act of throwing food such as flour or etc to birthday girls/boys. Alhamdulillah most of my friends don't practise and disapprove this habit.

sem III

*some photos missing*

     am I too late to wish myself and my dear colleagues a "welcome back to KMPh"? well I hope not. I know it has been three weeks since the tiring registration day but.. okay let's be clear. I always had a chance to post this but I kept postponing it because I want some photos to go with it. and in this case, the timetable. can u see my greatest masterpiece above? I hope it's way better than the previous semesters' timetables.
     by the way not much I wanna share here. and by saying "I feel so different in this semester" is good enough to picture what I currently feel about myself, everyone and everything around me. I must admit that my past memories with my Matriculation-graduated friends, especially my roommates, here are killing me. it hurts a lot. now that I'm still here walking on the same path that we used to take everyday. but this time with different people. I mean how strong can I face it? I wish that this pain won't take any longer to disappear. everything I do reminds me of them. but after days and weeks passed I believe I'll grow stronger. and that's because I'm a senior. I'll leave this college either.

first year ends

*some photos missing*

     Alhamdulillah. this is the best I could do. and this is the least I could give to my parents. I hope I'm not disappointing them. and I hope I'm not letting them down. can't u see clearly? I've learnt so much from my past. I managed to make it higher. and that's a big achievement for myself though some people don't think the same. I've performed well than before. burning the midnight oil really pays off.
     by the way my parents took me out for dinner to celebrate my small improvement. it's good to be the last child of the family.

break II

     I'm back and I'm still alive. not yet dead, not yet married. as u all know this is the first time I'm typing a post for your guys reading pleasure after I finished the second semester in KMPh. now I still have two more semesters to go which also means that I'm gonna be a senior. if I'm lucky I'll get good results in the final examination and can proceed to the third semester. otherwise the college itself will kick me out. now let's just pray that will not happen okay?
     it has been 15 days since the day I left that college. how I hate farewell buddy. but luckily it wasn't as hard as during the NS farewell. those two are different in so many ways and they play great roles in affecting my emotion. perhaps I was stronger that day. but still the hardest part was when I realized that I've to separate from my roommates like forever. u guys know how it feels right? how we have spent the good times together. played with teddy bears like those who are mentally-ill, played various types of sport available at Astaka all in one evening, had Maggie as dinner during study week, talked about all the topics that we could find interesting, discussed about the hot, current issues happening in our college, got ourselves involved in some volunteering activities, and yes we shared everything possible. the secret of having a wonderful relationship with your roommates is RESPECT. and please DON'T BE CALCULATIVE.

*some photos missing*

     staying at home really taught me to be patient. I've to deal with the boredom that keeps haunting me now. life's weird. back in the college I felt like screaming my lungs out, "I wanna go home!!" but now I feel like going back there. it's true. nothing is real until it's gone. we only appreciate something after it disappears. and that's me. regretting is pointless u see?

p/s : appreciate what u have now before it's too late.


     things went fast. it was short but memorable. on last Thursday evening all former NS trainees in my college were collected for a simple meeting. firstly it was about co-curriculum mark. and secondly it was an offer to join the NS Volunteer Brigade or BSKN Launching Ceremony in Chini. after the briefing about 40 of us decided to join while the rest decided to stay.
     on Friday we were asked to wait for the bus at 4.30pm near the drill field. but we ended up being fetched at 6.50pm because the bus was from Terengganu and the driver didn't had any clue about the way to our college. the bus was T-CC2 means from Cheneh Cemerlang - my NS camp!
     we arrived at 7.00pm at Kem PLKN Gambang and stayed a night there with the current trainees. it was fun and yes I felt touched looking at them undergoing their life as NS trainees. reminiscing me mercilessly about camp and friends when I used to be one of them.
     the next morning we woke up at 5.00am. surprisingly I woke up on my own and without anyone or anything's help. then we departed at about 6.50am. took almost an hour to reach the venue. there were so many people. mostly are current NS trainees from camps around Pahang and former trainees from IPTs around Pahang. the event ended at 1.00pm and again we had to wait for the same bus to take us back to college.

*some photos missing*


     my new year is completely nothing compared to last year's where I started out with the super awesome NS programme. how I miss every single thing about it. the place, the trainers I met and friends I made there, the food (wait. not really), the things we used to do and etc. I wish that I could turn back time but.. yeah. helpless. life has to move on.

*some photos missing*

     another story. on the first day of the year my C905 was sent off for repair. several days before 2012. on one fine evening after class I accidentally dropped it while I was playing with a cat. I put the phone on top of the balcony right in front of my room and then it suddenly fell. I thought it was nothing serious as I always drop my phone to the ground. that night I noticed that there's something wrong with the keypad. the 9 and * buttons couldn't be pressed. this limits my phone usage. before this the speaker doesn't work unless I plugged in my earphones or turned the loudspeaker on. now I'm using my old K660i and still waiting for my phone to get fixed.

my new year resolutions
1. be a better servant, daughter and student
2. talk less, work more
3. still thinking..