all grown up

     I'm pretty much sure that I never posted anything about my schoolmates, I mean ex-schoolmates, except for once - that was before I went for the PLKN programme.
     it turned out that we guys had the chance to meet last Sunday. it wasn't a grand gathering or whatsoever, it was merely a simple meeting for grown ups called "the hang out". plus, there were only six of us (ancestors of 5Active family) out of 30 something total. so-called.

*some photos missing*

     we're still like those old good days. nothing has seem to change our attitudes, naughtiness and childishness. all maintained the same, excluding our current looks. for example here is, I'm getting hotter than ever. okay, that sucks. looks are obviously negligible, alright? sensitive issue.
     see that girl in black? that's Amira, our classmate. we managed to 'kidnap' her for a while into the nearest fitting room before we finally released and let her did her part-time job back. after we all felt happy and satisfied of teasing her, we rushed to watch Step-Up 5 : All In. rating for the movie? um, I guess 3/5 is enough.
     though the get-together was short, fun and all, I wish that we can meet up again like this some other time. even if we were given 25 hours per day, it just won't be enough to share all the stories we have.
     much love. thanks for the transportation and hospitality, guys.

second semester results

     Alhamdulillah. neither impressive nor disappointing. now I'm saying this due to a slight increase compared to last semester's results. in some ways, my performance is kinda inversely proportional to the credit hours. ya know, "the less are the credit hours, the better I do in exams" that sorta thing. sounds legit. yet still my results aren't that convincing. but hey, miracles happen. all I need is some more time to improve myself. guess I'm still in warming-up-the-engine phase.
     apparently this has only been my first year in UTeM and I got so much more to explore, to experience, to feel, before I ever graduate and live the life as an employee in some company that would probably hire me later in the future. wow, somebody's dreaming. there's something playing in my head, "do all freshmen are this playful? or is it just me?" I'll solve this inner conflict eventually.

first semester results

     laugh. laugh all u want. at least I am being honest with myself. now that is something u do not see regularly. I could not care less about what other people think.
     Alhamdulillah. He has finally granted what I wished for, that was, to pass all subjects which happened to be my main target for the whole examination. that was lame. I do not have to repeat any of the papers again so that I can focus on what I need to emphasize next semester. u know life is getting even more challenging and tougher there in the university.
     reminiscing the past. my English lecturer might be true. she once said that I am a language student type, because I loved to talk so much and then my essays got pretty lengthy (but they were actually 'empty') because of irrelevant points I gave. if that is the case then I want to be a novelist who writes fictions where I can express things I imagine. just saying. u see, what I am trying to clarify here is, it is easier for me to learn language instead of bullying myself with twisted yet complicated engineering calculations. it boggles my mind somehow, "what exactly am I doing in that technical university?". jiwa kacau.
     alright I need to stop. just want to add up posts in here because it has been a while since the last time. I am returning to Malacca tomorrow evening and my preparation is zero.