PALAPES - Pasukan Latihan Pegawai Simpanan
(ROTU - Reserve Officer Training Unit)
after three years of training, will be commissioned as Second Lieutenant (Leftenan Muda).

SUKSIS - Kor Sukarelawan Siswa Siswi Polis
(Police Undergraduate Voluntary Corps)
after three years of training, will be commissioned as SUKSIS Corps Inspector (Inspektor Kor SUKSIS).

I'm a prospective student in UTeM for this September Intake.
before this, I was only interested in PALAPES.
but since it is not available in UTeM, I decided to join SUKSIS.
I love everything about military - the discipline, the uniform, the activities and all.
and I'd love to gain new experiences.
by joining this, I'll be able to fill my leisure time during weekends with advantageous stuff.
moreover, after three years of training, I'll be commissioned as SUKSIS Corps Inspector.
and that's a big achievement for a SUKSIS member.
I wanna prove that I can be a good citizen to my country.

     ..and that's all I know.

UPU result

     today was fun. I learned how to park a car. even though banyak tiang jatuh. sorry! but I think it's normal for beginners. ain't that right? and for the first time ever, I get to hold my very own L license.
     once I got home, after "Assalamualaikum..", I rushed into my room. lepas campak tudung and segala benda yang boleh dicampak, terus buka laptop.
     Bismillah, Bismillah, Bismillah. puff! and then this showed up.

*some photos missing*

     Alhamdulillah. this is it. Bachelor's Degree in Manufacturing Engineering (Engineering Materials) at Technical University of Malaysia Malacca. wah, gitu. at first, I needed somebody to slap me back and forth across the face because I couldn't believe what was in front of me. granted, this is way too much. and I'm actually very grateful. I don't mind if it's not the course I'm looking forward to take in the future, as long as it's still in my field of interest - engineering.
     but wait. there's more. does this university have PALAPES? Google. and the answer is just another sad story. but it does have SUKSIS. and I guess that'll do.

shaking and shivering

     please ignore the overacting title above. I'm freakishly emotionless for the moment. but still have my eyes wide open for that UPU thing and stuff. according to a rumour, the IPTA placement results will be out on this Thursday. means there are only two days left. if it's true.

*some photos missing*

     so what do we do? yes that's right. ask fervently from Allah swt so that we'll be placed to a place where we belong. meaning to say, if we think that we're genuinely hardworking and incredibly smart, then we shall pray for high prestige university with promising course, which suits ourselves. I mean, it's okay to be demanding. it's our future, our life. and that's the other way round. by the way, it's already Ramadhan. don't worry. Allah will  surely hear us all.

     on the other hand, I'm giving my full concentration on my driving license-making. if not, I'd probably be screaming like a maniac now because I'm oh-so terrified to find out about my UPU result. now that's the beauty of keeping our body and mind busy. and currently I'm a learner's license holder. you know, the one with the L. and tomorrow is gonna be the third day of my driving class. still suck at it. the clutch and the brake.. I don't know. I guess they just don't like me. ke aku pijak kuat sangat? nasib kaulah kan. dah memang kerja kau kena pijak. siapa suruh kau jadi clutch dengan brake pedal? dengan accelerator sekali terasa.
     harap-harap pada bulan yang mulia ni Allah lembutkan hati cikgu bila mengajar. nanti tak pasal-pasal dapat belajar bawa van jenazah free bulan puasa ni. and semoga Ramadhan kali ni lain dari bulan-bulan Ramadhan kita yang lepas - dari segi amal ibadat yang meningkat juga iman dan takwa yang semakin kukuh.