*some photos missing*

     Alhamdulillah. wasn't as expected. almost hadn't enough time answering Reading and Writing papers. for Reading I remember that I didn't read two articles. and for Writing I'm always out of the topic. for Listening I'm confident that I've did my best. and lastly for Speaking I kinda stuttered a lot in Part A but enjoyed the group discussion in Part B.
     I've decided to resit my MUET for satisfaction. wish to do better by having good timing and concentration. and good points. if I managed to reach Band 4 then it'll strengthen my qualification to go for TESL.

in love

     don't worry. don't ask me "with who?" but ask me "with what?" instead. I'm unbelievably loyal. still with that person. okay stop.
     recently my college held quite a huge event involving some of the hottest and finest universities in the country. it was Education and Career Carnival. frankly I didn't care about the event until this night where I went (just for fun. totally not serious) to NDUM talk.

     this is my new crush. I won't be putting it in here unless it has something to do with my sentimentality. I was sentimental over NS during the talk. kept thinking about it over and over again. I even thought about repeating the past.
     before this I used to have only TESL in my mind. but it faded. still there just not as strong as it was. doing engineering seems like my new interest. nothing wrong about it I guess. and I do love Physics.
     there are reasons why I wanna enter this university. firstly it's a uniform body and I love uniforms, especially military uniforms, very much. just like NS. secondly all students (cadets and civilians) are obliged to join the Reserve Officer Training Unit or PALAPES. something like the basic military training that, I believe, I can challenge and find my true self there. just like NS. thirdly the faculty of engineering is available. further Physics I'm gonna try. and many other reasons which cannot be stated.
     I've heard lots and lots of boring prejudices related to this university such as "u're gonna receive unbearable discrimination (between cadets and civilians)," "u're gonna face severe ragging," "u'll be abandoned," and etc. but I don't mind at all. because it is me who's about to further my studies and not them. nod if u agree.

sem IV

     the timetable's prettier because the schedule's better - not so tiring. still I need to give my very best shot in this final sem since my achievements in the previous semesters weren't convincing that I was working hard. hell yeah. I worked hard during the last minutes. nothing new.

*some photos missing*

     I'm having this thought right in my head now, "I should've keep those attitudes that I did once had in sem II. but where are they?". completely clueless.