sem II

*some photos missing*

     actually there are so many things that I'd like to share here but somehow the Internet connection got me on my nerve.
     firstly the final examination results were out on Tuesday December 6th. my results were nothing to be proud of but deep inside of me I'm very grateful that I at least were given a chance to fix all the mistakes I've made. everything happens for a reason and I'm still searching for it.
     secondly it's about friends. in this semester some of my friends have quit from this Matriculation programme and grabbed the SPA offer including one of my roommates. well I hope that they'll do the best they can. I'll pray for them. on the other hand I got a new friend in my class. she's an ex one-year programme student. she knows a lot and I think I can learn from her.
     thirdly for the first time ever my residential college, Block C2, held quite a grand event involving all members of the block. it was an activity where we played variety of games aka sukaneka. me and my roommates acted as volunteers and yes we had fun that day.
     now I'm home enjoying my short holiday. will be back to college on Sunday since I got Chemistry lecture to catch at night. so long.