my new year is completely nothing compared to last year's where I started out with the super awesome NS programme. how I miss every single thing about it. the place, the trainers I met and friends I made there, the food (wait. not really), the things we used to do and etc. I wish that I could turn back time but.. yeah. helpless. life has to move on.

*some photos missing*

     another story. on the first day of the year my C905 was sent off for repair. several days before 2012. on one fine evening after class I accidentally dropped it while I was playing with a cat. I put the phone on top of the balcony right in front of my room and then it suddenly fell. I thought it was nothing serious as I always drop my phone to the ground. that night I noticed that there's something wrong with the keypad. the 9 and * buttons couldn't be pressed. this limits my phone usage. before this the speaker doesn't work unless I plugged in my earphones or turned the loudspeaker on. now I'm using my old K660i and still waiting for my phone to get fixed.

my new year resolutions
1. be a better servant, daughter and student
2. talk less, work more
3. still thinking..