today I went out with my friends. it rained quite heavily until noon. as for me and other youngsters who are living in Kuantan, the most common places for us to hang out are MegaMall and ECMall. not much options unlike in the big city, Kuala Lumpur. so the day started when I woke up early in the morning and washed the dishes. not my daily routine. just filling up time before going. then took a bath, got myself ready and my brother gave me a ride there.
     then I met my classmates at the New Horizon Restaurant near MegaMall. looking at their upset faces because of some unavoidable issues, me and FFA decided to leave the place and walked straight to MegaMall. it was like a date. just the two of us. weren't thinking much about other people. okay kidding. we strolled about the building and had KFC as our breakfast as well as lunch. two-in-one. not long after she left because she needed to blablabla.
     after I sank into despair I joined them guys for a movie. we watched Gulliver's Travels and it was hilarious although it was a bit inappropriate. but never mind. we're all turning 18 next year. before that we went to CAPCOM. we played this game, kicked this machine, cursed that person and etc. here we go another bucket of sins. I even tried playing the DDR Game and I looked like a stupid moron.  it was embarrassing even though it was only me and my friends around. I swear I won't play that thing again after this. later on we looked around for some shirts at the Reject Shop.
     at almost 6.00pm after the movie finished we agreed to walk home and so we did. it was fun after all. we talked, we laughed and we got our jeans wet.

*some photos missing*

PLKN preparation II

     it feels like forever since my last post. now I'm still waiting for the stupid Streamyx connection to be fixed before I go. thanks to my father's laptop and his broadband for reducing this terrible feeling.
     so what did I miss? jeng jeng jeng. I cut my hair two days ago. I look more like a boy now. it's my call. comments. some said I look good and just fine. but.. consequently my mum made a face when she first saw me with this haircut. but we're cool now.
     I'm about to leave in five-day time. most of my friends don't seem to bother. it's okay. there'll be a lot more to come. I rest my case.

PLKN preparation

     National Service Training Programme. counting the days is like an obligation. I even make a countdown in my phone's note. put it on standby and change the day left every morning when I woke up. as a result I grinned a lot lately.
     now let's talk about this week's agenda. I haven't planned much yet but one thing that I must get it done before I go is to make a haircut. I won't be having much time to take care of my hair once I get there so I need it to be short. mentioning this I feel grateful to be born as female because my hair doesn't have to be semi-bald. wonder how will my boy friends (friends who are boy. don't ever think further) look like with such haircut.
     clothes. not done yet. I can't even decide which bag should I bring. it's kinda hard. I never done this. I never leave home this long. three months. more or less like performing the Hajj. but this one won't keep the soul calm. the solution? I searched for some guides from some former participants on the Net. by the way this morning I managed to wash all clothes in my laundry basket. thanks to the good weather. no rain. just the Sun shining in the sky. I guess I was the only one in the family who did laundry today.

check back
* fill all forms. done.
* do medical check-up. done.
* make passport photo. done.
* self-confidence to make new friends. err.

     for those who know me well u might think that I'm friendly and able to make friends easily but the truth is it takes years for u to see my true colours. it's not easy. I need to adapt myself to the new surrounding and get to know all the people around me and their behavior. it's like Mathematics:

true + false = false
true + true = true

     if I can get along with just a few persons then u'll see me rather silent and that's the other way round. I need to be real quiet in the first two weeks. nobody would reveal their true self during the first time anyway. depends.

new blog

     I signed in, I signed out, I logged in, I logged out, I deactivated my account, I reactivated it back, I closed my account, I signed up a new one. I'm wondering when are these gonna end.
     after lots of problem with my previous Google account, I decided to shut it down and create a new one. I don't care. I still wanna own a blog and this is it. frankly I'm tired of repeating the same things all over again.
     hello and welcome. I'm Nad Rahman. after this post u'll get to know me better as time goes by.

the unstable,
Nad Rahman