SPM results

     Alhamdulillah. I got two A, one A-, three B+, one C+, two C and one D. now I'd like to congratulate those who've achieved excellent results. and for those who didn't get satisfactory results like me don't worry. as long as we live there are still hopes. but hoping is not enough. we mustn't ever give up. keep struggling to make our parents proud. that's my new spirit.
     talking about myself I regret that my dearest friends and I didn't have much time to spend for each other. one needed to go home immediately right after the results announcement, one needed to attend special event and etc. only a few left. then we went to a nearby restaurant and had our lunch there. sort of. it was fun to meet them after all. even though for short.

it's me in the green circle

     taken from Utusan Malaysia.

p/s : I'm thinking of UPSI. I'm thinking of TESL. I'm thinking of being an English teacher/lecturer. am I qualified enough? I only got A for English and not A+. pity.

PLKN story II

     I'm not gonna talk much so here are a few things that I won't ever forget :

- I was attacked by a severe seafood allergy that turned my eyes red and swollen two times and was sent to medic for injection. thank Allah I'm alive.
- both my legs got kicked by some female trainers because I didn't stand correctly during line up but that was in the first two weeks. now I'm good at it.
- my left shoulder and my right knee got bruised because we played rough in DKRT game. it was painful to be thrown to the ground.
- again my right knee became a victim during Kembara Halangan when I accidentally fell at the second obstacle. the bruised part was cut and got even worse.
- my right hand fingers got knocked several times by the same female trainers because I couldn't salute properly. I guess my fingers are naturally crooked.
- I suddenly fell on the drill field during training and got my nose bled and it swelled for about a week. then I was able to pinch my nose like usual after a fortnight.

     frankly I'm not mad at them for doing such things to me. gaining knowledge could be two. in easy way and in hard way. being a trainee has taught me about life, about independence and so on. the hardest part was during farewell. I believe everyone in this world knows how it feels being through separation and I'm still adapting myself at home. it feels quiet now. no more voices giving drill commands every morning and every time we had to assemble. no more trainers to guide and scold us every time we misbehaved. no more laughter inside and outside of the dormitory compound. no more PT sepuluh. no more fun and tears that could be shared. no more. what's left are memories. the best thing ever happened in my life.

*some photos missing*

     damn I miss camp.