UTeM preparation II

     tomorrow is the day I'm gonna leave my hometown to explore a new world out there - a new life as a university student, specifically, a UTeM student. before this, I've went through lives as a regular student (unpopular, unnoticeable) in daily school which was dull and boring, as a PLKN trainee which was quite tough and challenging and as a Matric student which was tiring but fun in some ways. and I'm wondering, "how's it gonna be? is it awesome? or just fearsome?". some say that life in college isn't the same as in university. really? well how different could it be? it seems like I've to figure that one out myself.
     currently I'm about 75% ready (I've no idea how did I calculated that). most items in my shopping list have been bought. and some have not. yet. I will continue buying stuff once I'm in Malacca. I guess. and I hope they're all cheap and affordable. as for documents, I think they're all set. and clothes.. I'm genuinely lazy to deal with that right now. I know. it's crazy. but half of them are folded and are already in the giant luggage. small matter. oh darn it. my busted laptop. what am I supposed to do? and my phone is like the cikai-cikai one and there's no way to an Internet access. huwaa. such a nuisance. can I just take care of it later?

p/s : wish me all the best eh? may Allah ease everything.

UTeM preparation

     look. I don't know where to start, and I clearly don't know where to end. and if I keep typing this post like this, that'll be just a waste of time. and I've got loads and loads of things to be done - gazillion forms to be filled, supporting documents to be copied and validated, places to go, things to buy, people to meet, a fee to be paid, an SSPN-i account to be created, a Sony Xperia™ Z/ZR/ZL that needs to be possessed and etc. frankly, I can't believe that I still can't have one until today even though the price has dropped beautifully which means, I'm so sure that I can own it sooner or later by any means. in this case, dua and patience are highly required.
     what else eh? oh, I've cut my long, straight hair two days ago. and it's kinda funny that every time I went to a barbershop, the lady barber would feel a bit sorry to let my hair go. of course, I've no regrets at all - I'm happier, indeed. no more hair that goes inside of my eyes, my nostrils, my mouth or my ears. and did I mention I hate to use hair clips, hair bands and everything related? because in my opinion, they'll only make our hairs stay in place and.. yeah. well to me, that's just plain ugly.

JPJ Driving Test

     I was tested in the second session which should've started at 10.30am. well the truth is we all started at about half an hour later because of blah blah and blah. the worst part was the waiting periods. they were killing me. I'm sure you guys had that as well before right?

Ujian Mendaki Bukit
     finally my turn had arrived. my face was kinda pale and my heart rate could possibly reach 100bpm. I felt like running away. then the JPJ officer called my name. I walked sopan-santunly towards the white Kancil (the newer version) with non-stop zikr. eh wait. Kancil? this must be kidding. during lessons I used to drive Viva. being in a smaller car really forced me to deal with a momentarily 'culture shock'. the car was narrower. it got me breathless even more.
     Bismillah. dua before driving. compulsory. anything could happen even on the safest road. seat adjusted, seat belt fastened, car engine started. all these were different in some ways but I had to move on. I actually made it after the second trial. only He knew what I felt when I failed my first attempt.

Ujian Meletak Motokar Secara Masuk Belok & Ujian Pusingan Tiga Penjuru
     not long after my name again was called. after Bismillah and etc I blah blah blah the seat and the seat belt. I drove the white Kancil (again) carefully because I didn't wanna relapse the same stupid mistake that I did yesterday - because of a beautiful Iraqi girl who sat right next to me when we were on our last-day lesson, I lost control over the car and it hit so many tiang mercilessly.
     fortunately during the test He made things easy for me. of course I had asked and begged over and over again with extra fervent because I wasn't keen to start things all over. my watch isn't made from gold to exchange with cash, so you should know what I'm talking about.

Ujian Di Jalanraya
     at last the most terrifying part ever had came. honestly I wanna get rid of this part outta my head instantly and permanently. although I got the chance to drive Viva this time, the JPJ officer was a wee bit annoying. I was already mad at myself and he kept complaining about the way I drive, kept distracting me. blah blah blah. but I deserved it though. but hey. from being afraid of involving in an accident to being afraid of 'getting eaten'. I couldn't decide which one's more crucial. yet with His permission I passed my first JPJ Driving Test. Alhamdulillah.

p/s : maka berteraburlah airmata tatkala dahi mencecah ke Bumi dalam sujud syukurku..