out of country

     didn't update my blog for about a month since I went to visit my sister in UK. because of some unavoidable issues I refuse to tell much about what I did or what I saw throughout the trip. it's enough for me to say, "I should've had a good time there" and "the place is beautiful with stupid people." no offense but these are what I thought.
     back to college. one of the things that I missed the most. I was burdened with lots and lots of problems. one was when I found out that my leave application was actually rejected which, to be precise, I just knew when I was on my 1st or 2nd day there. it was hard for me when a lecturer told me that the leave can be considered as a truancy. and yet it was complicated when the person (another lecturer) who was entrusted to give me the disapproval letter claimed that she had given it to me earlier. I swear I never met her before until I got back to college. but now the problem has been resolved. a big thank to my father for the swift act. he talked to the Senior Student Affairs Officer.
     some other problems are regarding academic. I've missed so many practicals, tutorials and lectures which cover so many subtopics with so many overwhelming facts to be memorized. need to cover syllabus, complete abundant assignments and etc. hell no I'm gonna give up now. not yet until I reach the very end of this Matriculation programme.
     so not much photos. I was missing Malaysia terribly. I also deleted the photos when we were in  'Paghee' (Paris).

*some photos missing*


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