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     hi. I'm feeling a wee bit sad and regretful. what I did is so wrong on so many levels. okay that sounds hyperbolic. although it doesn't directly involve other people, I still feel bad because it contains the sweetest memories I had with them - the people who're always kept in my heart. wa gitu.
     I updated all my social accounts recently including my Yahoo! and Google+ profiles, I changed all the passwords and made them tally with one another. now, as everyone knows, Blogger and YouTube networks are under the same account, that is, Google.

     I'm not that perfectionist, but I love to keep things clean. for example here is, I'd delete all unnecessary photos in my smartphone's, floppy disk's and online data storage's folders. the main reason why I do this is simply because I wanna save more space on these devices/services. also, to get rid of unimportant things in my head. to my great disappointment, I absent-mindedly removed all images permanently in my Google Photos folder which I thought had nothing to do with the images I put in my blog posts. I even wondered where did all those images came from because they were all in a mess, mixed up with some really, really old photos which I uploaded in earlier-deleted posts.
     currently, they're all gone. rest in peace, my dear memories. if u review my previous posts, u're only able to know my stories, not what it's like to be me. but never mind, it's just me though. not some huge rock star u'll ever know.

p/s : some images which are retrievable have been reuploaded, especially those which are illegally taken from Google etc.

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